(Frequently Asked Questions)

What Covid-related restrictions are in place?

Mask-wearing is optional while inside the church building, and you will see people both with and without masks.

How long are your services?

Typically, a service is an hour and fifteen minutes. Services with a special event or presentation are longer than those without, and may run closer to an hour and a half.

What should I wear?

First of all, what you wear is far less important to us than your being with us! But here’s what to expect. At any Sunday service you will see people in jeans as well as suits and ties. Most men wear collared shirts (golf or dress shirts) – and no tie. Most of the women wear dress blouse, and slacks or skirts, but jeans are common as well.  On a hot day, you will see people in shorts.

Do you have a nursery where my young children can be cared for during the service?

The Sunday morning 9:00 Worship Service has a nursery where preschoolers can be cared for during the service. It’s in our lounge, which has a cupboard full of toys and books. Parents may bring small children there under their own supervision, and still hear the service by turning on the speaker on the wall. Children who have begun attending JK (or older) are welcome in our Sunday School.

Can I bring my young kids to the worship service? They might cry or speak loudly.

Yes, children are welcome in all our worship services. The noise they make will NOT upset our pastor or our members. We suggest you sit near the back so it’s easier for you to take them to the washroom when they ‘need to go’. If a child becomes so loud or disruptive that people around them have trouble hearing the service, we ask that you step out with them for a few minutes until they calm down. If you go into the lounge, audio speakers there can be turned on so you don’t miss what’s going on in the service.

Do you have a “change room” for babies?

Our washrooms are clean and child-friendly. Both men’s and women’s washrooms are equipped with safe change tables.  In addition, the women’s washroom is equipped with a child-size toilet.  There are step-stools to help little ones reach the sink.

If I attend your church, do I have to become a member?

No. We have many ‘associate members’ within our congregation. They are people who don’t yet have or don’t desire official membership, but they like to attend.

Do I have to give an offering?

No. Offerings are voluntary, and considered an act of worship by those who give them. You are welcome to give one if you wish, but visitors should never feel obligated to give.

Do you have facilities for those with mobility handicaps?

We have designated parking spots for people with handicap parking permits.  The church is accessible for people who use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs.  There are no steps or curbs from the parking lot to the door, and our building is all on one floor.  Both washrooms are equipped with wheelchair-accessible stalls.  We shortened one of our front pews so people who use a wheelchair have a place to sit where they can still be amongst their family and friends, and get an unobstructed view of the front of the sanctuary.

I’m hard of hearing. Do you have anything for the hearing impaired?

Yes. Just ask one of the attending ushers and they can supply you with a receiver and headphones (or you can bring your own headphones like the kind you’d use on a phone). Using this system, the sound from our audio system goes directly to your ears, and you have control over the volume.