About Us

St. Mark’s has been an active Christian congregation for over 60 years.  We’re medium-small in numbers, about 150 members or so.  It’s a nice size because it’s actually possible for anyone to get to know most of the other members.  In a large city like Mississauga, it’s a great place to find community and friendship.  Our common faith in Jesus is what ties us together, otherwise we’re a fairly diverse bunch.

We belong to the Lutheran denomination.  Lutheran churches are organized into large groups of member churches that pool their resources to be able to help each other and the world around them.  The group we belong to is called the “Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod” or LCMS.  Member churches of the LCMS are in both Canada and the USA and total over 6,000 congregations.

We are delighted to have a group of Nuer-speaking friends as part of our congregation.  It is a group of people of a South Sudanese background led by one of our associate Pastors, Philip Gai.  Visit our Nuer Language Fellowship page for more information.